Life during the CoronaviruS and/or BLACK LIVES MATTER


Lourdes Archundia



Portrait of a Long-Hauler

Digital image



My piece portrays the “night table” of a self-treated COVID-19 long-hauler. For the past five months and counting, this array of medicines, supplements and vital signs monitoring devices has become the only support to rely on. Long-haulers are the forgotten victims of this pandemic.


These young, formerly healthy and athletic individuals are left in tortuous limbo because they do not match the at-risk demographics, nor do they experience the usual course of illness.


They are dismissed by health systems, health practitioners, friends and family who refuse to acknowledge them. Long-haulers report at least 100 different symptoms and conditions triggered by the virus: myocarditis, pulmonary hypertension, strokes, hypothermia, temporary blindness, dramatic weight loss, vasculitis, seizures, pericarditis, pulmonary embolism, intracranial pressure, tachycardia, skin lesions, severe pain and more. Experiencing these serious, debilitating health problems and symptoms for months, without end in sight, without support, and without knowing the sequelae of this prolonged disease in their bodies turns every day in the life of a COVID-19 long-hauler into a true battle to survive. Meanwhile, most people in this city refuse to wear a mask; only a few practice social distancing.


Lourdes Archundia

Portrait of a Long-Hauler

Digital image, 2020